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Harnessing Good Habits

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

My boyfriend and I have been talking about the book "Atomic Habits". It's about habits that are super tiny, yet have immense energy and impact. I personally have not read it yet but it has been recommended by so many people and how effective the book is to its readers. Honestly, I have been struggling with being able to actually produce action behind my thoughts and actions before actually started thinking about how to execute a plan. It's so easy to have a million ideas of what you want to do and then never actually do them. The hardest part is always actually doing something. In yoga it is often said, "the hardest part about yoga is actually rolling out your mat".

You may ask, "so how exactly do we achieve these thoughts, dreams, and ideas?". The answer is simply instilling small habits into your daily life that bring you closer to your goal. If you work on something for just an hour a day then you are that much closer to what you want. Say you do spend an hour every single day on something. This could be writing, getting better at an activity or hobby, or simply producing content. After doing this consistently, at the end of the year you will have spent 365 hours on something and obviously will have progressed in it.

How you speak about yourself to you and to others reflects a lot of your mentality about where you are in life. For example, if you tell someone you are going to paint some day versus telling people that you are a painter or that you enjoy painting in your free time, then that creates a different perspective. Referring to something that you have not done is simply reinstating that you are in lack of it. In terms of manifesting, using the "I AM" statement places a huge role in bringing your dreams to reality. For example, if you are manifesting a vacation to the ocean this summer, you need to state that yes, you are going to the ocean, not that you would like to or want to go to the ocean. You are then stating and reinsuring that you are going to the ocean and you are in no question of this happening. "I AM" statements almost trick your mind into believing that you are already achieving what you are hoping to acquire.

Ask yourself what is the person that I am trying to be doing to get there? I want to be a well known yoga teacher, so I must imagine what this girl is doing and what her life looks like as a well known teacher. After thinking about this, challenge yourself to change some habits that address the lifestyle of the person you are trying to become. Say you want to be a successful business person with a lot of clients. What does this person do every day and how can you set yourself to live your life that aligns in such a way? Vision boards are also super helpful and remind you where you want to be every day when looking at it.

Remember that you create your own reality, friends.

Love always,


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