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Overthinking the overthinking

Have you ever layed in bed at night and not be able to sleep because you know that you aren't gonna get that much sleep and cannot stop thinking about everything you have to do tomorrow? Same. Overthinking and anxiety has been something that I have struggled with for the majority of my life. I was never really able to put words to it until I did research and started going to therapy. Often when I am upset about something I think that the result will be the worst possible outcome. Even though I am a positive person, things like this affect me every single day. If you are someone that has struggled with anxiety, it is important to know that you are not alone. Approximately 19.1 million US Americans have been diagnosed with anxiety. Sometimes it can feel difficult to confide in other people that are facing the same thing, but know that there are so many resources to help yourself.

1) See a therapist:

I have been going to therapy on and off for the past several years and it has been something that has helped me immensely. I definitely have to say that when I am seeing a therapist I am overall a more put together person and feel like I have a safe space to bring all of my thoughts and feelings to. It is very relieving to have a third party in your life to be able to bring all of your thoughts and concerns to.

2) Write down your thoughts

Writing down things that I am upset or nervous about helps me feel so much more organized in my head. It can be very overwhelming when you just have a bunch of thoughts piling up in your head. A personal journal can be very special and a private space for you to express whatever you are thinking about.

3) Find people you can confide in

Find people in your life that you can trust and talk to about anything and everything without judgement. The worst feeling is when you think you can trust someone with something and immediately realize that you shouldn't have confided in them. Most importantly though, is to not treat your friends like therapists. Of course, call a friend if you want to talk but do not burden others with your anxiety. This is where your therapist comes in to help you so that you can have that professional help that you need.

4) Being aware of when it is happening

Being able to step back and realize that you are experiencing anxiety or panic is a huge step. It is so easy to get caught up in your own mind and let your thoughts take over. Something my therapist has told me is to think about what is realistic and what is something that may or may not even happen. I often worry about the outcome of things and whether I am making the right choices. This is where establishing a sense of trust in your self comes in. Trusting yourself and knowing that what is happening in your life is happening for you and not to you.

Take it one day at a time.

Love always, Kare

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