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Staying Sane during the Insane

Self care is something that is talked about very frequently in the media, but what exactly might that look like during our period of time dealing with Corona? Everything was fine and dandy before quarantine happened in the lives of most people. Maybe you just started going to the gym again, finally figured out a schedule that works for you, or perhaps even started a new job. In the span of very little time, all these things that a person finally got a hold of was taken away in the blink of an eye. And here we are scratching our heads wondering how long we can keep doing this whole "social distancing" thing before going crazy due to cabin fever.

In the times that we cannot control many things, we tend to focus on the things we can control. This is the first step in letting yourself sit in the fact that we cannot control this situation that is filled with melancholy, frustration, and straight up anger. Taking in this simple, yet hard to swallow pill releases the expectation that you can change the world by wishing this whole thing away. Grabbing a blank sheet of paper and writing down everything that you can control puts a fresh new perspective on the situation at hand. Writing things out is of uttermost importance when it comes to looking for some sort of clarity and release in your thoughts. This process is extremely simplistic, yet therapeutic.

As creatures of habit, keeping a similar routine that you had before quarantine makes life seem a little bit more put together. Taking time to even get dressed up one some days, reminds us that we still own other clothes than lounge wear. Self care is a huge priority right now and that looks different for everyone!

On top of the list we mentioned above, make another list of things that calm you down and make you feel peaceful. Name at least ten things. It might be hard to start, but once you do, it might be hard to stop! A tip from this list is to incorporate at least one of the things you wrote into your week. If this is hard to do, ask someone to be your accountability partner and you can both be on top of each other for implementing self care. The book "52 Lists for Calm" by Moorea Seal is absolutely wonderful and calms the mind through the action of list making. This book has different sections dedicated to being present, looking back, moving forward, and release. Each of these sections includes different lists to make the reader happy and have a calming release with list titles such as: "list some things that bring purpose to your life", "list your happy distractions", "list the things you've been told not to do", etc. While completing the action of list making, the reader is also able to get to know themselves that much more.

The media is a huge nuisance right now in all honesty. Corona this. Quarantine that. It's as if the world will not stop reminding us that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Like okay, thank you, I already know I had to leave college and my friends to go live back at my parents' house, thanks for the reminder hun. Let yourself take a break from this constant noise. It is OKAY to not stay informed every second of every day. Information overload is so harmful to your fragile mind. Turn off the electronics or at least put them on do not disturb for a while. You are allowed to still feel happy in other activities during this unsure time. Take a walk, go on a hike, start that craft that you have been meaning to do, finish that home project, read that book. I am not trying to pressure you to try and change your entire lifestyle so that you come out of quarantine the best version of yourself with clear skin and a six pack from Chloe Ting's workouts. Right now we are just trying to survive and get through this. If Instagram or TikTok is overwhelming you with people's quarantine routines and guides to come out of quarantine as your best self, then take a break from these apps.

You know yourself best, and know what makes you feel at your best. Try to implement those things as much as you can into your life.

Remember that self care is not selfish.



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